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2/27/05 01:58 pm - IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





so leave me some comments & i'll add ya if you'd like =)

[i have no friends on it =0]

12/20/04 04:36 pm

What kind of music do u like: rock, 80's rock, alternative rock, emo, some screamo, punk, some country, and certain stuff you can dance to
Whos your fave. Band/Singer: So many. Look at the left side module. But for singer, probably Cindy Lauper and Gwen Stefani. [my role models
Whos your least fave. Band/Singer: Anything with lyrics yu can't understand. People who extend a note for too long. Singers that can't sing.
Do people stereotype you by your music: Nahh, but I can name a few people who do.
Whats your fave. song lyric: Wow, that's tough..."You're just jealous 'cause we're young and in love." and I'm sure there's more that I'm not in the mood to talk about.
Whats your fave. Radio Station: uh..97.1 or 98.0 or oldies which is 102.5 i think, and the alternative stuff my dad sets on the car.
Whats your fave. music channel: Um..Fuse, I guess
What was your first concert: hehe, NSYNC, BECAUSE THEY ROCK.
What was your last concert: Haven't been to one in a while.
Do you play any instruments? If so, what: Drums, sorta
If you play an instrument, do you write your own music: Yup
What do u think of those stations that play songs over and over: Rather annoying
Do you like the songs they play over and over: A few, I suppose
What is in your CD player now: Brand New
What is the last song you listened to: The No Seatbelt Song
If you like alternative/rock music, did you go to warped tour 2004: Err..no.


Taking Back Sunday or Brand New: OUCH, that's hard. BOTH
Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera: Neither, but if I had to choose, Christina
Justin Timberlake or Nsync: Both..?
GreenDay or Good Charlotte: Good Charlotte
Sugarcult or Weezer: Sugarcult, but I love Weezer
Avril Lavigne or Ashlee Simpson Ha..that's a funny question. NEITHER
Jessica Simpson or Ashlee Simpson: Jessica Simpson can actually sing good if she tries, but right now, I don't like either of them.
Outkast or Coheed and Cambria: Coheed and Cambria baby.
New Found Glory or YellowCard: AH, I don't like these questions. BOTH
Backstreet boys or Nsync: Backstreet Boys, [sorry Cayla]
Story of the year or Switchfoot: STORY OF THE YEAR
50 Cent or Eminem: Neither, but at least Eminem can sing about something other than sex and money.
Usher or Nelly: USHER, HONEY.
Pink or No doubt:NO DOUBT!! Gwen Stefani's a goddess
ll american Rejects or Fall-out boy: ARG. BOTH.
Linkin Park or Metallica: Linkin Park
Something Corporate or Rooney: I like 'em both, but I have to say Something Corporate.
Blink 182 or Sum 41: Blink 182 by far.


What kind of movies are your fave: All Harry Potter one's [so I'm obsessed, big deal] and Tuckeverlasting. White Chicks. Pretty much all comedy movies too. So in other words, fantasy and commedy
What is your fave. movie: All Harry Potter one's and Tuckeverlasting. White Chicks. And about every commedy movie. Yeah, what I said in the other question.
What is your least fave movie: I can't remember, but it was boring
What is the last movie you saw: Um..omg, I can't remember! I think it was Elf or Monsters INC. [I <3 watching movies with my alex!]
What is your fave. quote from a movie: Heck, I don't know.
Whats one movie you could watch over and over: Any of the Harry Potter ones, and The Ring <33 [that's a favorite too, but I don't feel like adding it above]
Who is your fave. actor: ADAM BRODY AND <33TOM FELTON**
Who is your fave. actress: Drew Barrimore, I guess.
Have you ever met an actor/actress? If so, who: Not that I know of..
Have you ever been in a play/movie: Play, yes. Movie, pssht, I wish.


50 First Dates: Great movie. Kinda sad though.
The Bourne Supremacy: Not bad, hard to keep up with.
The Village: Haven't seem it.
The Butterfly Effect: CONFUSING. But had a great ending. [I know you'll probably hate me for that]
Anchorman: Judging from previews, funny.
Catwoman: Never seen in and don't really want to.
A Cinderella Story: Not bad, cute story. [If only text messaging were so handy in real life]
Signs: Really good.
The Ring: Ah, one of my favorite. Very confusing and suspenseful. But if you watch it over and over, it's worth it 'cause it makes so much more sense
I. robot: Never seen it. I don't really like future robot movies too much.
Shrek 1 and 2: I've only seen part one, but very cute.
Spiderman 1 and 2: Only seen 1, not bad.
Bruce Almighty: really funny.
Confessions of a teenage drama queen: Never seen it.
Freaky Friday: Not bad, good lesson
Dirty Dancing: [Not the havana nights] Really good..classic
Cold Mountain: Cold Mountain?? Never seen it.
The Princess Diaries: Part 1, awesome. [I heart Michael!!] Part 2, haven't seen because it doesn't have Michael, has nothing to do with the book, and is therfor gay.
Lord Of the rings 1, 2, and 3: They all rocked
New York Minute: Never saw it.
Jennifer Anniston: Really pretty, great actress
Jim Carrey: Really funny, and sexy.
Halley Berry: Ok, I guess.
Adam Sandler: Awesome, adorable in a weird way, and very funny.
Ben Stiller: ONLY THE GREATEST! This list just keeps getting better.
Ashton Kutcher: Pret-t-y funny
Tobey Mcguire: I don't know who that is, but it sounds like a country singer
Denzel Washington: Cool, I suppose
John Patrick Amedori (sp?): John who?
Andy Dick: Lmao. That's a good one.
Bam Margera: Pretty hot, real fun to watch


A Survey For you All

11/27/04 12:47 pm - just do it please!

What Would You do if...

I cried:

I said I liked you:

I kissed you:

I was hospitalized:

I ran away from home:

I got in a fight and you were there: 

I pissed you off:

I killed myself:

I died of natural causes:

I got dumped:

What Do You Think Of My...








Choice of music:





Would You...

Be my friend:

Tell me the truth no matter what:

Lie to make me feel better:

Spread rumors about me:

Keep a secret if I told you one:

Loan me some cash:

Hold my hand:

Take a bullet for me:

Keep in touch:

Try and solve my problems:

Love me:

Ditch me:

Use me:

Date me:

Beat me up:

10/29/04 06:33 pm

wow..it's been a while. well, just thought i'd adda little hello to you guys. i love you all.

<3 loren

new obsessions:

Christmas lights in different shades of blue
It looks so pale
I feel so sick
To not be here with you
Just tell me that
You miss me too
You've been gone for too long
And i
I need you to be back home with me now
The snow outside means nothing when you're gone
Everything i needed is in you
So please come back

dedicated <33 you know who you are :)

10/8/04 04:39 pm - READ IT...please.

Oh my gosh, I fucking love my friends!! <33 You all mean the world to me. I almost look forward to school because of you. I would give a shout out list, but it'd be way too long. Just remember that I love all of you. And that includes the person who's reading this at this very moment.

School was fun today as usual. Jake was absent yesterday and I was kidna sad. I didn't really laugh as much. I did notice that I got a lot more work done though. haha. That makes me smile..

I saw the pics that Caitlin took when we were at Silver Springs. They were so funny. There was one where I was trying to do a straddle in jeans, and I was making this face as if it was hurting (I really couldn't feel a thing) and when Caitlin showed everyone the picture, she told me that Max said it looked like I was having an orgasm. Now that didn't get me smiling, that got me cracking up. Especially because it sort of did..

We had to run the track all through Gym cause we were "misbehaving" yesterday. Oh well, not so hard. Anyway, it's not like I could have done without the workout. :P

gah <3 woren

10/6/04 08:22 pm - I got this from Jordans xanga :P

Carnie Style!! Collapse )


Caitlin got the pics from Silver Springs back..this is gonna rock

Parker sat with us at lunch today. it was so much fun. bryts skirt was like flaring up, so i called her a hoe in front of the guidence counselor. that lady hates me too. :P oh well, fuck her ass.

<3 woren


10/4/04 06:19 pm - The Only Love I Ever Knew, I Threw It All Away

On Saturday, Bryt spent the night and we babysitted my cousin. i made 40 bucks ya'll! She was an angle to babysit alos, so man, 40 bucks is easy money! lol.

School was so boring today. i haven't done my homework..shit..oh well, whatever, that's what homeroom's for. delaney called me today and i found out she goes to farnell...well, she's been going there, i just never knew it. turns out she knows jordan, which is cool.

bryt made a journal. it's x_dorkbabe_x. i made the whole layout..thank you, thank you. lol. i was just like:

Loren-What's your password? | Bryttany-Why? | Loren-Cause your layout sucks and I'm gonna fix it. | Bryttany-(happy as usual) Oh, OK! It's....

yada yada. boring Florida. if i remember anything else, and i'm not feeling lazy, i'll add it.

oh yeah, that reminds me, if i haven't already posted it, caitlin got a journal too, it's xwasted_tears.

PS. I luv you parker, you're awesome dude. lol. i can't think of the milkshake song without seeing a vision of you pole dancing now. lmao. goood times.

10/2/04 11:13 am - Field Trip bitches..can you say awesome?

There was a field trip yesterday to Silver Springs..can you say awesome?

Ok. Let's get down to the point. I'm hoping to have you laugh at least once. Well, Max, Alex, and GC got in a lot of trouble. Parkers imitation of their actions was so completly funny. So they were all in the boat (sara, max, parker, gc, amd fonzie..they had boat rides there) Well, according to Parker, they were going across the spring when they saw a bird and Max started making weird bird noises. Then, the bird turned around to face them, and GC made a huge, loud cawing noise that offended the bird. So the birds feathers began to go up into a mowhawk and it started going crazy and screeching and stuff. Then Max and GC got in some trouble.

Afterwards..they bought these japanese hats (the ones that look like lamp shades) and toy guns and began messing around. There was like this homeless japanese couple that were sleeping on one of the benches, so Max called them hobos, and some lady heard. Then Alex, Max, and GC started saying they were Japanese assasins (sp?) and pretened to aim the guns at the couple, then the lady got really pissed and told Mrs. Wilson, who pulled them out of the group, and they got in a bunch of trouble.

That left Parker, Sara, and Fonzie in the group. So they joined groups with us. Our group was Jenna, Caitlin, Bryt, Maria, Katie, and me. We all hung out after that. I braided some of Parkers hair. I braided it in the back and he wore his hat so the hole in the back would have a braid sticking out. Then, we went on this ride that went like 85ft in the air, and I was sitting next to Parker, and Caitlin and Fonzie were across from us, and Sara was next to Parker (that was our cart on the ride) and Parker began to pole dance (not literally) and boy was it funny.

Then, the busses stopped by fast food stores, and we all went to Taco Bell (Max and Alex too, but no GC) And we messed around a lot. MAX ATE 8 FRIGGIN TACOS!! It's very hard to believe he's still skinny. Caitlin was like, "I bet you have really fat feet." It was so fun. Today, I officially love Parker (as my friend) In the beginning of the year, he was an ass, and now I love the kid..he's awesome!

The guy I like was there..and anytime we were together..I felt happy. I guess I'm just happy when he's around.

Sorry it was so long, but it was worth telling.

9/29/04 07:30 pm

Sorry, but I had to take the Cartman picture out cause it was ruining my layout. :\ Oh well, whatever. School was pretty fun today. I was so happy. You see, the guy I like touched me. It sounds perverted, do let me explain:

So we were heading to 4th period and I just got done putting my book in Bryttany's locker (my lockers downstairs, and I didn't have time to get to it) and he finished putting his things in his locker and i was heading to language arts with bryt, but she had science along with him, and someone said "move" in a deep, sexy voice, and I thought it was some 8th grader that was in front of me, but I felt someone put their hands on my hips and I looked to my side to find that special guy smiling at me. When his hands were on my hips, he gently pushed me to the right and squeezed in next to me. At first, I thought the 8th grader put his hands on my hips, and i felt kidna creeped out, but when I found out it was *him* I felt so much better. I just felt so safe in his arms.


Well there's what made my day wonderful..



9/27/04 06:36 pm

We turn our music down
And we whisper
Say what you're thinking right now
Tell me what you thought about when you were gone
I was so alone
The worst is over
You can have the best of me
We got older
But we're still young
We never grew out of this feeling that we won't
Give up

not much happened today. i spent the night at my aunts house yesterday cause we had no power. stupid hurricanes. we had no school today and we wont tomorrow either. *joy*

i wanted to say a few things to jordan. jordan, youre a really cool guy and im really happy that i met you. i know things arent going so good right now, but cheer up, theyll get better eventually..you deserve it. i can relate to you in a lot of ways, and for that, im thankful. i hope you feel better and remember, DONT KILL YOURSELF..not because you still have a whole life ahead of you, just because you shouldnt have to go to some creepy shrink..those people are weird :P hope youre doing alright

<33 Loren

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